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about annemarie seidenberg

Annemarie Seidenberg is a holistic healing practice located in Natick, MA. It is part of Wellness Collaborative of Natick, a community of independent health and wellness practitioners.

My services are designed to help you understand the connection with—and gain ultimate control over—your body, mind, and spirit. My role begins with helping you to understand how to restore, re-energize, and re-balance your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body. My approach focuses on you and your overall wellness and emPower you to see your highest potential and possibilities in your life. You will learn how tap into your inner knowledge and intuition. Let me help you discover your birthright of highest potential and endless possibilities.


holistic healing services

Annemarie Seidenberg offers body-mind connection and spiritual energy work, including Reiki, Bach flower essences, and more.

classes & workshops

My classes & workshops cover reiki for LightWorkers, psychic development, pendulum workshops, and more.

aromatic mist sprays

Restore the balance in your body, bring calm into your life, and remove the energy blocks that are preventing you from moving forward.

about the owner

Annemarie combined her holistic health studies, energy healing modalities, spiritual coaching, and her career in education into an interdisciplinary approach to wellness. Her commitment to an integrated body/mind/spirit approach to healing is the key to help her clients remove energy blocks, learn to empower and discover their true potential. Annemarie’s deep compassion, understanding, and intuitive sensing allow her to help clients to realize their fullest potential.

Your spiritual life can be compared to that of a lotus flower. The lotus flower has a unique characteristic in that it blooms and sheds its seeds at the same time. The lotus produces a beautiful flower even with its roots in the dirtiest water. This symbolism implies that a person can rise above being rooted in the ugliness and suffering of this world, and grow into his or her true self and help others with the beauty of this spirit. This pattern of growth signifies the progress of the soul from the primeval mud of materialism, through the waters of experience, and into the bright sunshine of enlightenment.

Annemarie Seidenberg

Owner, Annemarie Seidenberg

Annemarie specializes in a wide array of energy healing modalities, including, reiki, emotional freedom technique, spiritual coaching, Bach essence therapy, sound therapy, crystal healing therapy, aromatherapy, aura testing, and more.

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We welcome the opportunity to speak with you about your needs, and are happy to point you in the direction of healing, light and love.




154 E. Central St.; Suite 201
Natick, MA 01760

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